About SeGa Group

SeGa Group is a research based center of excellence for talent development in learner experience facilitation, design and performance coaching.

What We Do ?

  • Build capacities for facilitation and design teams.

  • Design and deliver learning journeys and active seminars in an exceptional active deep approach.

  • Provide well known programs with our affiliates.

Develop Human Developers

If you are a trainer, facilitator, learning designer, coach, teacher or manager working to create an impact. Then you belong to our circle of human developers.

SeGa Model for Learner Experience and Transformational Learning

At SeGa group, we’re not only changing the way trainings are delivered, but also the way the world thinks about learning and development. By grounding our practices with scientific research and creating solutions through innovation and discovery, we’re driving excellence and improving outcomes of learner experiences.

Integration between Learner Experience and Coaching Basics:
We deploy the group interaction and active participation in learning environment to make learners live and experience the learning concepts, interact with others, practice and apply what they are learning, This is what we call the Active Learner Experience.

Learners are also invited to in-depth thinking about the abilities, potentials to be aware of themselves and reflect on what they learned and its applications in workplace as well as in the personal life. So We are taking the learner toward the first steps of the required transformational change for which the learner experience is designed.

ACTO 2016 conference – presentation with title
Gamification and gaming in coaching and coach training

ICF Egypt chapter , annual meeting presentation with title
Gamification and gaming in coaching and coach training

ATD 2017 presentation with title Learner eXperience Facilitation

ATD 2017 conference panel Talent development trends in the Middle East

ATD 2016 Middle East conference chairing