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FIRST Framework

The Professional Development of trainers, facilitators and designers has always been an area of growing interest and constant research. Several studies, models and researchers have thoroughly explored this domain with the efforts to train trainers on how to understand, experience, practice and leave a sustainable impact on learners. However, the existence of a comprehensive framework that combines the efforts and findings of these studies and theories remained in need

That is why we consider it our honor and privilege to introduce our holistic framework, Learner FIRST.

So, what is Learner FIRST framework?

Designed on the basis of Educational Psychology, Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, and Design Thinking, Learner FIRST is an engaging framework that promotes Active Deep Learning and inspires a positive transformation in mindset and behavior. Eventually enabling individuals and organizations to achieve the performance they aim for.

Think of it as your personal guide as a facilitator, trainer or designer, to create an active deep learner experience for your learners to go through, practice and benefit from its sustainable impacts.

Learner FIRST Framework is designed to view the Learner eXperience from different angles:

To do so, FIRST is divided into 5 domains that integrate and build on each other. Each domain consists of 3 principles and each principle entails 3 behavioral competencies

Let us walk you through a general layout of FIRST’s domains and their respective principles.

Focus on each single learner’s behavior during the trip, and how the facilitator interacts with every individual, and what activities can be done to enable the learner to enjoy a unique experience.

The emphasis of the F domain is on every learner and not only the overall learners, by every learner we mean his/her learning curve, previous knowledge, feelings, and experience. This can happen through:

  • Individualization
  • Probing and Assessing
  • Trusting the Learner

Interacting within a positive group dynamics creates a unique experience for every group of learners. Meaning that the same learner can have a different experience when he/she interacts with a different group of learners

The main principles of the I domain are:

  • Socail Events
  • Positive Spirit
  • Motivation & Attention

Reviewing and interaction within activities, the R domain focuses on how a group of learners interacts together learning activities, which are the main unit in experiential learning as well as the active deep learning approach.

The main principles of the R domain are:

  • Readiness Increase
  • Activity facilitation
  • Reviewing actively

Structuring and sequencing, the focus of the S domain is the full experience of the trip itself. Sequencing is not just the matter of sequencing group of learning activities along the day flow, it is more for keeping participants engaged all the time along the trip in order to leave deeper and more sustainable impact. With the help of SEE Model, which summarizes the three aspects of learner's engagement-- simple, engaging, and enjoyable--, you can sequence the learning activities through:

  • Structuring and Sequencing
  • Repetition without Boredom
  • Linking and Summarizing

Transforming learning into action, the T domain focuses on what activities and actions can be done within the training room/learning event that would help the learner keep an eye on the practice and the learning transfer, as well as helping in the follow up/mentoring phase (if any) that takes place after the trip.

The main principles of the T domain are:

  • Reflection on Reality
  • Practicing and Experiencing
  • Continuity and Follow Up


Mohamed Ammar Saudi

The FIRST model means for me Transformational change from content-centric mindset to learner -centric mindset.

Atoua USA

I attended a Learner eXperience Facilitation trip with SeGa and learned about FIRST Framework. It is really powerful and practical. For me, it a transition towards active deep learner approach.

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Mohamed Ammar Saudi

The FIRST model means for me Transformational change from content-centric mindset to learner -centric mindset.

Atoua USA

I attended a Learner eXperience Facilitation trip with SeGa and learned about FIRST Framework. It is really powerful and practical. For me, it a transition towards active deep learner approach.

Mahmoud Egypt

I think it is not just a book, but it is fantastic learning journey.

Eslam Sayed Egypt

FIRST is a change in mindset from being content driven to be learner experiwnce driven.

Dini Indonesia

What impressed me from FIRST framework, is that framework is built from many solid theories. And the way how this framework conveyed in concise and easily to be understood and also applicable.

Jumanne Mpinga Tanzania

FIRST Framework is the modest approach of sharing the processes of teaching and learning whereby with Five Domains enriched with Fifteen Principles, both the Learnerrrrrr and the facilitator are at sometimes learners and sometimes teachers. especially when the teacher/facilitator partially looses control. The learner builds deep eXperience from his/her own experience while transforming together with the facilitator towards exploring new knowledge, skills and or attitude.

Novi Hardian Indonesia

I have been teaching for 20 years. Many experiences in education. But, after I learned about FIRST framework ... It change and restructure my mindset and my understanding in teaching. One of them.... It is important to focusing to learnerrrrs because they are the main actor and center in learning process. We are the teacher will act as a director or facilitator who make a very giid learning design, or a dynamic lesson plan that let the learnerrrrs involved and engaged in the process, love and trust them unconditionally, and we sit beside them to make sure learnerrrrs achieve the learning outcomes (result) and also experience the process. I apllied the FIRST framework, as far as I can, and I find the learnerrrs are smart people and they enjoy the process and the learning become effective, efficient, meaningful and also impactful.

Dian Lestari Indonesia

Masya Alloh, revolution of educational paradigm. It's a must esp for my country. It's time to do special things using the FIRST Framework for a better education, better learnerrrrrss experiences and better ummah. Insya Alloh never stop to practice many times together with FIRST. BISA💪💪💪

Abidah Malaysia

FIRST framework help the educators make the learners experience deep learning and very practical with 21st century learning.

Hussein S. Barabood Yemen

FIRST model focuses on Leraner Experience LX that is why applying it will produce Active Deep Learning. I have started to apply it.. and I am eager to know a lot about it in order to practice it more and more.

Hanan Shaker Lebanon

FIRST framework is the definitive guide for educators, including the most pioneering vision regarding facilitating the learner's experience in the learning process. It is a well-organized and well-written book for its readability and feasibility in which it tackles the development of teachers and promotes their roles into facilitators and coaches, who are capable of implementing deep active techniques and strategies which eventually leads to creating engagement and impact. This book is an invaluable resource for every educator.

Alaa Katerji Lebanon

Reading about and working according to FIRST domains and principles allow educators and trainers to « walk the talk » while mentoring and coaching. It is definitely a paradigm shift in the practical part of coaching and trianing, as well as being an eye opener and reflective frame to the daily practices whenever there is a learning journey, whether the learner is a child or an adult. What is most important about this article is its introductory section. It reminded me of this verse which hides lots of deep meanings: « وفوق كل ذي علم عليم » Surat Yusuf: 76. Keeping ourselves in the continuous learning loop is the only engine to help ourselves and others develop and grow! Thank you for starting this article this way!

Niam Fawwaz Lebanon

FIRST Framework is a prerequisite program for teachers, trainers, or facilitators who wish to create an active and deep experience for each learner. Some teachers, or trainers might already be applying some principles of the FIRST framework, but after many years of experience. Now even new teachers can excel in their teaching after practicing the principles and behaviors of the FIRST framework in a short time. After applying the FIRST framework not only the learner’s experience would be active and deep, but also the facilitator’s experience as well. We are "Forever Learners"

Zinga Mohammed Bakari Tanzania

indeed it is a great and wonderful inspiring work. You have exactly answer the challenges that education industry has been facing for the past 20 century, may almighty Allah bless the entire SeGa team for liberating the 21st century learnerrrrr

Zainab Fawwaz Lebanon

A comprehensive effective framework that empowers educators to step out from theories into practical ACTIONS. Applying the 15 principles guarantees achieving the ultimate learning objectives while acquiring a wealth of skills on the way.

Zainab Fawwaz Lebanon

As for my own practice, I "trust the learner" by allowing them to reexplain to each other and I spread the "positive spirit" by expressing positive gestures towards others.

Nisa Shalihah Indonesia

Wonderful concept This FIRST framework very important to implement in teaching learning process. It help educators to make engagement with the learner all the time, and provide the process of holistic education. Not only about knowledge, but also about attitude, skill and value that experienced in learners real life.

kusuma Indonesia

Alhamdulillah, i found what i was searching for years -about what missing in our Islamic education nowadays-, in this FIRST framework. Actually, we already have good content, the SME and also the precious objective for education, But we still missed in the 'How' to transform it, in the holistic point of view of education. After my LX trip in FIRST, i feel blessed that i found the answer of my very old question.

Rudy Indonesia

Learning experience adopted from customer's experience, treating students as customer and giving best education for them. You know, everyone doesn't want to loose any single customer and I think it will motivate us to give the best. It's 21st century and we have to change our traditional model of education to be better, to make our students more engaged in their learning. And I think FIRST framework is the best for the requirement.

Zamira Sirozhiddinova Kyrgyzstan

Assalam alaikum. To my humble opinion FIRST framework is a way to make a change in our educational systems today, make it more sustainable and relevant to world requirements. Applying its principles which are so well designed and fill each other we help learners to be active thinking and analysing participants of educational process.

Nidal Lebanon

The FIRST Framework to me represents an outstanding deep experiential learning that really, and after practicing it, engages the learners in a whole learning experience with complete interaction and enjoyment. The acquisition occurs without boredom.

Talant Kyrgyzstan

FIRST framework was what I hadn't been looking for many years. It was a new experience to learn and practice. I I found it very effective and untraditional. It helps my students to be more critical and interactive. Classes are unique and enjoyable. All the topics are learnt deeply and sustainably. I will deepen my knowledge on this Framework and live with it.

Dana Itani Lebanon

As a school teacher, university instructor, and trainer, I used to highly rely on my presentation skills along with including one or two activities in my facilitation(s). By doing that, I used to believe that I'm one of the best trainers, until I was introduced to FIRST framework. FIRST highlighted my strengths points and shed the light on the domains and principles that I lacked. Most importantly, I ;earned that presentation skills alone don't ensure active/deep learning. The domain that many facilitators lack is the R DOMAIN. Let's think of the times when we start an activity and end it without pulling the insights, feelings, and opinions of our participants. The rAR is by itself one of the secret recipes to ensure sustainability of learning. When I started implementing the R( Reviewing) in my facilitation, I felt the difference. My participants showed more engagement,felt more valued, and recalled information easily after the facilitation. In deed, FIRST is THE framework, the LEARNING Guru. It guarantees a mind-blowing transformation in the performance of teachers, instructors, trainers, leaders, etc. Not to forget its marvelous impact on the learners' active and deep learning, their behaviors, actions, and their mindset. Out of all the books I've read, courses I studied, and tutorials I've watched, no one was capable to explain "learning" in such a simple, applicable, and connected manner for facilitators to apply.

Donier Kyrgyzstan

My name is Donier (Don) from Kyrgyzstan (Group #2). If teachers have the best practices of curriculum planning, instructional strategies, use of data for learning, formative assessment, and a flipped classroom, but students aren’t engaged, most is for naught. By implementing F.I.R.S.T domains in my class, my students’ engagement in the class has increased dramatically. They began to express and share their reflections, thoughts and opinions more than ever, more pair and teamwork, more interaction between the students, more questions about real applications in life, even some shy or passive students began to feel safe and step by step began to participate. By reviewing actively the learned lesson, the knowledge level has increased. Everyone who wants to be a real educator (murobbiy) has to know the F.I.R.S.T domains and implement them in teaching.

Dinara Kyrgyzstan

The FIRST framework is well designed. Personally I have been using some of the principles. However if we do not use all 15 principles together while we facilitate, we cannot get high achievements.

Nadia Al Saheb Lebanon

The "First Framework" is a very thorough comprehensive learning framework that covers all what the facilitator should consider to complete a fruitful facilitation session. It is based on educational philosophies especially that of Piaget theory of "constructivism" through which the learner constructs his own undertanding; as well as Vygotsky social learning theory through which learning occurs in a social setting. It is indeed one of the most effective and deep educational models.

Mazen Raad Lebanon

FIRST framework contains 15 principles which, if properly and adequately applied, will help change teachers from traditional teachers to real educators (Murabbiyyin). Also, the day flow during these stages (under FIRST framework) is very special and suits our learners nowadays.

Iskandar Kyrgyzstan

I learned FIRST framework from SeGa Group team and started applying it, it simply works and it makes magic.

Mussa Jafari Kideli Tanzania

FIRST Framework digests many educational theories in to clear workable behaviors. For example, Burner’s theory of instruction the most influential theory of instruction in the 20th Century. The theory comprises principle of reinforcement, sequencing, structure and motivation . I see first, all of these principles digested in to two domains_ R and S of the FIRST framework. Also, many theories of instructions remain basic assumptions, FIRST framework gives both, basic tenets and practices in to behaviors through which, any facilitator and learners aspires to a particular experience will attain. Then, in theories of instructions I passed through before, the issue of classroom management is either addressed in more general assumptions or as independent field that, one have to study them differently as to effective facilitate learning. I see the theories of classroom management addressed in the FIRST framework I therefore, have the opinion that, the FIRST framework will help much facilitators as well as learners Mussa Jafari Kideli Assistant Lecturer: Curriculum & Teaching Muslim University of Morogoro

maya yunus Indonesia

First framework is really a good methods for teacher to relize what is the leraning outcome then design every single minute time with the learners to make sure that the learning outcome than be seing in knowlegde or skill or attitude's learners. It's a complite methods. The chalange is to make sure that we apply it in our daily teaching

Nurul Syahida Sulaiman Malaysia

I am glad to have chance to learn and practice FIRST framework. It is so practical and deliverable. To be honest, some of the 15 principles, I did apply them before in my facilitation or teaching. It's just, the different after attending the trip is, I became aware that, "Oh, this skill is related to this principle, that technique is related to that principle." In other words, FIRST framework had done a very good job in identifying, classifying and recognizing a comprehensive set of facilitating and coaching in which all educators can now practice and aware what technique they have been practicing! For example, I think all of educators/teachers had ever did individualization during class. I praised my learners when they did something great. But after attending the trip, I became aware of that principle and now I know it is very crucial. In fact, in FIRST framework, individualization had a broader meaning. I can praise the learner when they did something good, I did respond to each and every learners' interests and needs, I make sure that I remember their names and their basic learning background and so on. I also became very focus in doing as best as I can so that the learning session is learnerrrr centric, not teacher centric.

Azmi Bahari Malaysia

We are now facing a new generation which greatly different in term of manners and attitude. I don't want to say whether it's wright or wrong but FIRST Framework can really help us as educator. I'm so lucky attended this course.

Maruf Kyrgyzstan

FIRST framework turns teacher into a Chaneger. Trough FIRST we can really affect the student, that's what i was looking for a lot of time. Thanks NAMA, thanks SEGA.

Umar Hanif Malaysia

It such a honoured for me attend this course. I cannot said this the perfect framework but I also couldnt denied the fact that these are the most practical, and most complete framework that match and work for all ages. The domain it self covered major all I need to teach my students in my class. Unfortunately this FIRST framework also answered my question before in my mind on how to ensure students swim into very deep active learning Xperince. Hence, here is the answer. Bravo team SeGa Group

Zamira Mahmaturaim Kyrgyzstan

Assalamu alaikum. I feel very blessed to attend ROOTS programm and to apply FIRST framework in my lessons. FIRST framework is a well designed guide to achieve highly, sustainable learning outcomes through learner centric approach. After applying I had immediate amazing results from my learners. It is our pleasure to see our learners motivated, engaged and have strong desire to learn. Thanks SEGA, thanks NAMA for such an amazing exprerience.

Sarah Salla Lebanon

Assalumu Alikoum Dear Consultants & SeGa Team. As a teacher and coordinator for almost 10 years now, I had believed that the curriculum and materials are the best tools and equipment I can provide for teachers and students, I have always believed in integrating games and advanced methods in classes. I read so many articles and attended lots of workshops from which I learned a lot. At times I left workshops thinking group work is the magical key, other times I'd finish an article thinking educational games are much better. Until i was introduced to FIRST framework. It joined all the tiny pieces of the puzzle together: Focusing on each and every trainee, Interacting and Opening Social Networks, Reviewing actively, Sequencing and Summarizing and last but not least Transforming learning outcomes into real life. After being introduced to FIRST framework I knew that one missing puzzle will definitely affect my learners' experience. The more I applied first in classes and facilitations, the deeper and more active the experience was. I believe that FiRST has become a life style..

Novy Anwar Indonesia

for me FIRST frame work is revolution in education, because it is change teachers mindset totally. As a trainers or teacher we try to make our learners get many experiences, deept learning, and the most important that our learners give impact to their enviroment . Many thanks to Sega, Nama Foundation . I am very lucky can join in ROOTS Programe... Thank U ...

Fachriadi Tanjung Indonesia

Welcome to the new era. Era of experience. FIRST Franework is the key to experience era in education. I am very grateful to learn and practicing it. Amazing, the learning process in my class became more engaging. Students become more active and learning more deeply. This is the real learning experience that needed by our learnerrrs and educators for better learning system. It is Simple, effective and enjoyable. And the very important thing of the FIRST Framework is a process of transforming learning into performance. Great work from SeGa and NAMA Foundation for the world. Thank you for this valuable experience

Coach Ridz Malaysia

FIRST and foremost, Alhamdulillah for HIs Guidance that led me to this wonderful and meaningful opportunity. FIRST of all, Thanks to NAMA for this great effort. May Allah bless Bin Mahfouz family for their love in education. FIRST has made our own English Teaching module i.e Soleh English more structured and complete. FIRST is like a GPS system for educators to manoeuvre their class session. FIRST is like a highway for teachers to bring their students for a smooth and fruitful journey. FIRST was delivered by a group of fun, active and deep facilitators who never missed Subuh congregational solat. Soleh English team loves FIRST.

Epong Utami Indonesia

FIRST Framework give me new way to facilitate and teach my participants. I like when i apply because change me and around me to be better as a teacher or as a learner

Tatik Indonesia

As a teacher who has been teaching for 12 years... sometimes I feel boredom, running out of ideas must be how to teach a fun without forgetting the ultimate aim of the learning process...teaching like a routine ... but after I joined the Roots Program and learned alot about FIRST FRAME WORK ... I became more excited in teaching and do you know about my students/learner when I apply FIRST FRAME WORK ??? the students are more excited, anthusiastic and engaging to follow the learning process.... Alhamdulillah... FIRST FRAME WORK inspires a positive transformation in mindset and behavior to teachers and the learnerrrr Centric... Thank you Sega Team, Nama Foundation and Wafaa Indonesia....

Sapto Sugiharto Indonesia

Alhamdulillah I have the opportunity to learn about the FIRST Framework from SEGA. It is a very amazing learning journey for me. It motivated me to become a better and effective teacher. I have tried the practice several times with my students... and it works. Thank you SEGA and NAMA for this.

Syed Helmi Al Haddad Malaysia

The FIRST Framework is a very structured and systematic way of student-centered learning that will really engage students in learning. It emphasized both - the teachers’ and the students’ roles and interactions in learning. Thus, give a unique and promising eXperience for deep understanding that will eventually enhance positive behavior of the students.

Yassin Mkwizu Tanzania

I have been developing innovative techniques to improve learners interest in education. Last year, I was fortunate to participate in the ROOTS programme where I was introduced to the FIRST framework. The FIRST framework with its five domains and 15 principles added to me more effective tools to make learning an interesting experience. I have practiced the framework, it it wonderful.

mohamad nasser Lebanon

The most important principle i benefit in the LXF with SeGa is the way of the reviewing part after any activity. The FIRST principles changed my point of view and my way of education!

Ulan A Kyrgyzstan

As Salam Alaykum Dear member of NAMA Foundation, SeGa team, ROOTS all groups Brothers and Sisters ! I am Ulan Aidarov from the Kyrgyz Republic and I’ve joined ROOTS Group 5. At first, I noticed that I need to change the traditional methods of teaching that I have about the supervisor role in the student class from being the center of learning to be the facilitator that leads the class and specify the learners with a safe environment and engage them to improve and apply their knowledgeand skills into experiences in practicing F.I.R.S.T framework, Secondly, I began implement F.I.R.S.T framework with 15 principles to my students unofficially immediately after I came to Kyrgyzstan. I want to translate to our local kyrgyz language all principles with main F.I.R.S.T framework, prepare banners, interesting games, flash or pencil/pen gifts with logos of NAMA/SeGa/LX Facilitator/ROOTS and visit nothern areas of Kyrgyzstan. Because I want to impact for the rural areas teachers and their students. I arrived from the six days trip I feel very energetic with new a good ideas to improve Learnerrrrr eXperience for our classes. It was really a great chance to participated in the F.I.R.S.T framework, to learn a lot of things , such as easy facilitations (pull/push), energetic gamifications, practices for self-development for each main domain, informal training or sport moments, stay alone to remember (Zikr) Allah SWT, Salavat for the Prophet Muhammed SAW, make a group Dua for UMMAH. Many Thanks to all member of NAMA Foundation, SeGa team, Local Partners in an each countries for the effort they spent for us and for their support.

Qassim Malaysia

The most compact yet easily understood principals, being blended well in an acronym which makes learners can remember it clearly. The concept is to make the learner to be learning actively and deeply. It is very practical for all stages of learners. It definitely makes facilitators to put their heads in the learners' shoes to be able to give the biggest impact in creating the best learning experience which will transform them to a better state.

Qassim Malaysia

The most compact yet easily understood principals, being blended well in an acronym which makes learners can remember it clearly. The concept is to make the learner to be learning actively and deeply. It is very practical for all stages of learners. It definitely makes facilitators to put their heads in the learners' shoes to be able to give the biggest impact in creating the best learning experience which will transform them to a better state.

Mohammed Asef Iqbal India

Learnt about FIRST concept, it really is a transformational concept, which will motivate Learnerrrrrrrrs positively

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