FIRST Framework

The transfer of newly learned skills from a training session to a real life implementation is the ultimate goal of nearly any learning situation.
FIRST framework ensures the effective transfer and implementation of these newly learned skills and inspires transformation in the learners' mindset and behavior.
It is comprehensive framework the promotes Active Deep Learning, which is essential for leaving a sustainable impact on learners and achieving a successful learner eXperience.
Based on an extensive research in Educational Psychology, Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, and Design Thinking, FIRST framework views the learner eXperience form different angles:

While in useful variety of settings, FIRST framework should prove particularly helpful to facilitators, trainers, and designers is enabling individuals and orgainization to achieve the positive transformation they aim for.

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Who is this book for?

This book is for learning facilitators and designers, so to get introduced to a new perspective and to learn new framework where the learner is the center of the whole process.
This is considered a sound tool for professionals who work hard to leave an impact through training and face to face learning sessions.

It targets both independent professionals and those working for specific organizations, teachers and education professionals.
This book introduces FIRST framework, research based framework, which is holistic and backed by theories of different basic sciences like, educational psychology, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, design thinking; among others.

These disciplines are combined together to create an engaging framework; leading to creating positive Active Deep learner experience, and hence, positive change in mindset and behaviors.
If you are a facilitator and you feel the need of a creative and innovative framework to highly influence trainees, then this book is for you; through which you add the active deep learning techniques to your facilitation style.

I am pleased to introduce this book on Learner Experience Facilitation by Mohammed Bahgat and his colleagues at SeGa group. We share a common passion for making learning more meaningful, valuable, and enjoyable. This book contains many important insights and ideas that are applicable to all kinds of training, development, and educational efforts. The first is that learning is an holistic experience, like a customer’s experience with a product or company. Everything matters.
The depth and durability of learning are influenced by the learner’s complete experience, not just the content and instructional method. Every interaction that the learner has—mental, physical and emotional—with the material, facilitator, peers, exercises, games, technology, and work environment enhances or detracts from learning, gets the learner closer to the goal, or impedes progress.

The key thing to remember, as the authors point out, is that the learner will have an experience. We all have experiences every day. The question is whether their learning experience will be planned and productive or unplanned and potentially destructive. As professional trainers and educators, we need to redefine our role as facilitators of optimal learner experiences, rather than as packagers, presenters, and conveyors of knowledge.

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In the twenty-plus years since I discovered the Experience Economy, its concepts and principles have made their way into virtually all countries, industries, and aspects of business. And now, thanks to this book by Mohamed Bahgat, we now see the Experience Economy fully illuminated in learning as well.
What you will find in these pages is a comprehensive framework for experiential learning – learning by, through, and even about experience. The learner-centric FIRST framework will help you teach, facilitate, and guide individual learners via an active deep learning experience while simultaneously transforming lessons into direct performance that benefits the company as well as the learners themselves.

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