Gaming and Gamification


Gaming and Gamification are two concepts that coach trainers can easily utilize when teaching coaching principles and skills in their classes.

Gamification, is a new and powerful tool to increase engagement in non-gaming situations. Since engagement is such an important part of the coach-training experience, gamification tools and techniques can be used to raise learners’ motivation for learning and performance throughout coach training. Coach training, individual and group coaching can also utilize a variety of gamification tools such as badges, story themes and/or a pointing system to increase engagement and commitment to development.

This presentation is fully experiential and game-based to create an active, deep and fun learning experience for all participants.


  • Aawareness about the importance of gamification and gaming in coach training.
  • Apply some game mechanics to your coaching session.
  • Difference between gamification and gaming.
  • Know some game mechanics.
  • How gamification and coaching are connected.