Learner eXperience Design


Learner eXperience is now the new wave in learning. LXD program Targets L&D professionals and managers, introducing the SeGa learning experience design model, to learning designers who build capacity for the learning & development team. This will compliment the full learning experience process and enhance learning transfer inside the organization.


Using FIRST framework rubric, toolkit, and toolbox participants will be able to use the design thinking methodologies to design Active Deep learner eXperiences. They will be able to embed parallel learning outcomes that meets the organization culture and experience , within the learning journey. The program helps participant to go beyond the curriculum design and design the complete eXperience.


When LXF participant facilitate this learning experience in this workplace, it will empower the organization’s performers, help sustaining impact and reaching organizational performance objectives. FIRST framework aims to leave deep sustainable impact through transforming learning into performance.