Learner eXperience Facilitation


Learning experience is the new global movement in the learning field ,for trainers to be able to facilitate learner experiences they should live one first. LXF program is an active deep learning journey that introduces the new approach of learner experience facilitation , as well as a FIRST framework, which is holistic comprehensive framework that enables facilitator to create active deep learner experiences that engages the learners and allow them to transfer their learning as well. This framework is a science and research based framework that combines best practices, learning model and theories.


Learner experience facilitation “LXF” journey is built for learning professionals who aim to work hard to leave impact through learning and training. It aims to build learning organizations culture, targeting internal trainers and facilitators who take training as a mission not just a career, qualifying them to use advanced new techniques that increases engagement for their learners/participants once applied. Leaving a deep sustainable impact inside the organization.


When LXF participant facilitate this learning experience in this workplace, it will empower the organization’s performers, help sustaining impact and reaching organizational performance objectives. FIRST framework aims to leave deep sustainable impact through transforming learning into performance.