SeGa Group is a global profitable social enterprise, leveraging its social educational impact, by strengthening educators’ development communities with research-based Active Deep Learner eXperience (ADLX) approaches, to enable them and strengthen their capability of providing quality education.
Research Based

One of the strategic objectives of the way we Develop Human Developers is to build research-based educational approaches, through research studies and success stories about the value and power of the impact transforming theory into practice.

Certification Body

We are a certification and accreditation body that accredits organizations, schools, training centers and certifies L&D professionals as individual practitioners.

Capacity Builder

We build capacities for organizations on tracks of coaching, facilitation, and designing.

Our Global Reach

It is known that having a qualified, well-educated population comes first. If a nation has a good education system and follows developments in science and technology, one can speak of sustainable development. Our roots date back to 2011 in the USA, since then SeGa has managed to reach 15 different countries and more than 21 nationalities.

ADLX : Active Deep Learner eXperienceOur Approach for Learning & Development

ADLX aims to increase the engagement, effectiveness, and to deepen the impact of the learning design and facilitation process, to guarantee the transformation of learning into business value and performance.

About Our Approach

FIRST-ADLX is a comprehensive research-based framework that promotes Active Deep Learner eXperience

It is important to achieve a memorable and impactful experience as a mean to achieve the transfer of learning.

FIRST-ADLX Active Seminar in Bahrain

In this video SeGa Group presented an active seminar about FIRST Framework and its associated programs in Bahrain on the 6th of October, 2018. which was organized by Vigilance.

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What Experts Say!

FIRST is in fact a framework of frameworks, building atop time-tested models and theories including our Experience Economy concepts as well as a framework I have always loved in learning, the Kolb Experiential Learning Cycle (to name just two).
The Author puts these into practice as he combines them with all of the action research (quantitative and qualitative) and practical work that he has done for over a decade, across more than ten countries on at least four continents.

B. Joseph Pine II

"Co-Founder, Strategic Horizons LLP Author , The Experience Economy, Authenticity, Mass Customization a Infinite Possibility: Creating Customer Value on the Digital Frontier"

This book contains many important insights and ideas that are applicable to all kinds of training, development and educational efforts. The key thing to remember, as the authors point out, is that the learner will have an experience. We all have experiences every day. The question is whether their learning experience will be planned and productive or unplanned and potentially destructive. As professional trainers and educators, we need to redefine our role as facilitators of optimal learner experiences, rather than as packagers, presenters, and conveyors of knowledge.

Dr. Roy V.H. Pollock

Chief Learning Officer, The 6Ds Company Author, The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning: How to Turn Training and Development intro Business Results

I believe that (Book Author) as an educator reached real success to bridge the gap between science and practice. Giving teachers and educators the chance to apply deep learning science in a straight simplified yet effective way of application and class room education. The book is the start and would be followed by more of other types that furnish a way of ease and depth for educators. The book will pave a new way of understanding science and practicing deep learning for educators.

Dr. Ashraf Elsafty

Research Methods Professor

A transformational guide which scaffolds your facilitation skills to deliver the most successful trainings, leaving your participants with an everlasting impact. FIRST framework took my career into a whole new level; it's a guaranteed life-changing and sustainable experience. This book is a carefully crafted evolutionary masterpiece.

Dana Itani

University Instructor

The FIRST Framework apparently has uniquely reviewed existed fragments of theories of learning & models of teaching. Besides for the first time in our discipline the framework has managed to synchronize the theoretical strengths while buffering their limitations with so peculiar and effective enrichment. Subsequently as gift for the future of education in the World the FIRST framework has produced simplicity and comprehensiveness towards practical facilitation of experiences as deep learning has been almost guaranteed to both facilitators and their students.

Dr. Baraka Hamza Kondo, PHD.

Lecturer of Educational Psychology (Theories of Learning and Models of Teaching) & Coordinator for Teaching Practices- The University of Dodoma, Tanzania

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