A Model for Learner Engagement

Learner engagement primarily focuses upon enhancing all learners’ abilities, increasing achievement, positive behaviors, and a sense of belonging in learners.

The engagement of learners in the learning experience encourages their active participation and pushes them to take more responsibilities, which enhances the overall learning experience and achieve a Deep and Transformative Learning.

The term is generally used to describe meaningful student involvement throughout the learning environment and is best understood as a relationship between the learner and the elements of the learning environment.

SEE Model summarizes the three aspects of a successful learner engagement on the grounds that it has to be:


Easy to comprehend; which doesn’t mean superficial in a way that underestimates the learners’ capabilities, yet not too deep that it is difficult to understand.

The simplicity of the content delivered is relative according to learners’ profile. However, the simplicity of the delivery methods — terms, metaphors, instructions, or models—is required for all learners.


Contributing to the development of the learners; the content, activities, discussions have to all pave the way to achieve the designated learning outcomes


Learners are more likely to get engaged if they are enjoying the learning process. It is also relative according to learners’ profiles; some learners may enjoy casual fun learning, appropriate sense of humor, gaming or Gamification.

The three aspects should all be included and applied throughout the whole process and at all times. Fulfilling one or two of these aspects without the third will not lead to learner engagement and will adversely affect the desired outcomes.

For example, a simple and effective learner experience that is not enjoyable, which resembles most traditional learning methods, commonly leads to the disengagement of learners at some point.

While an effective and enjoyable learning experience that is not simple, where the learners suffer to understand the materials, will negatively affect the learners’ focus and willingness to continue the session.

And finally, designing a simple and enjoyable experience without the effective aspect might grab the learners’ attention and achieve their involvement at first, but they will soon lose their engagement once they realize the lack of an added value provided by the learning session.

Learners could achieve the simple and enjoyable aspects by watching movies or playing games. However, learning has to be effective and is expected to provide the learners with an added value that they need while encouraging them to complete the session with complete presence and engagement during the activities and providing a clear answer to the learners’ constant question “what in it for me?”.

At the end if you are an LX designer, always ask yourself: is this design simple to the learners? Is it enjoyable from their point of view? Does it affect and benefit them? Always seek your learners feedback for for the above questions to assure a SEE learning journey with engaged learners.

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