Maximizing the social impact
During our work to maximize the social impact our shared values and beliefs influence the work that we do, and the impact we hope to achieve

SeGa Group aims to be globally recognized as a House of Expertise and Reference Entity in the Active Deep Learner eXperience (ADLX) approaches.


SeGa Group is a global profitable social enterprise leveraging its social educational impact by strengthening educators’ development communities with research-based Active Deep Learner eXperience (ADLX) approaches, to enable them & strengthen their capability of providing quality education.

Active Deep Learner eXperience

Our approach for the Learner eXperience to be an Active Deep learner eXperience.

By integrating Active Deep we aim for a memorable, sustainable, transferable learner eXperience with a lifelong impact.

Active Learning

It is intuitively appealing and fun for learners. Instead of listening to a lecture, learners get to collaborate and participate in learning exercises.

It means participatory, engaging, enjoyable..etc.

Deep Learning

This approach arises from the need to understand and seek meaning. leading learners to attempt to relate concepts and ideas to existing experience.

It means reflective, sustainable, insightful, transformative, impactful.. etc.

Introduction to FIRST Framework & the Active Deep Learner eXperience Approach

What Makes Us Unique
Team of Experts

SeGa Group is a professional team of experts in different learning and development fields (Facilitation, Coaching, Mentoring, Learner eXperience design, Assessment, Monitoring & Evaluation, and Project Management).

SeGa Impact Model

We designed an impact model through the learning journey.

where we guarantee a sustainable deep impact.

Global Benchmark

Both the quality of our products and the unique design.

of our programs are handcrafted not just to match but to outrun the global standards.

Community of Practice (CoP)

We collaborate with all our participants, partners, and customers to foster a peer-learning environment where you can enjoy continuous support and positive energy.

Research Center

We compile years of diverse eXperience and accumulate our progressive learning through a dedicated team for research and development, working continuously to develop all our products and solutions.

Technology and Blended Solution

We provide gamified and blended experiences through coaching, mentoring, and group activities. We use technology in learning and have a Learning Management System.

Our Publications

FIRST Framework

FIRST Framework ensures the effective transfer and implementation of newly learned attitudes, skills, and knowledge from a training session to real life, it also promotes Active Deep Learner eXperience; which is essential for leaving a sustainable impact on learners and inspires a positive transformation in mindset, behavior as well as transforming learning into performance.

FIRST is a comprehensive research-based framework, developed through constant research, professional practices, and through our collective experience by monitoring and evaluating the impact of implementing the framework on our learners who come from various backgrounds in learning & development globally.

Learning & Development Models Digest

In the current highly dynamic competitive market, L&D has become an important function that supports companies’ strategies and objectives. That is why it is crucial for L&D professionals to maximize their understanding of L&D functions to help better their business leading to significant business impact.

The motive to develop this book is that there are no dedicated publications that focus on L&D domains and models in the Middle East, despite the need for such simple, usable publications that help L&D professionals to have an overall view of L&D functions. These encouraged eight L&D professionals from different backgrounds and areas of expertise to collaboratively and voluntarily work on producing this L&D models digest book.

Dr. Roy Pollock The 6Ds Co-Author About SeGa Group