Jobs and Occupations – Aisha Bin Tami

An Active Deep Learner eXperience journey was designed and facilitated on the topic of “Occupations and Jobs” for young learners in Al-Shahid School in Algeria.

The learning outcomes were designed as follows:

Main Learning Outcomes

The student will be able to:

Attitude Outcomes:

– Sense the importance of different professions and jobs

– Appreciate the role of different workers and employees in serving humanity

Skill Outcomes:

-Enhance cooperative learning and self-assessment skills

– Develop composition and arrangement skills

Knowledge Outcomes:

-Identify the activities, uniforms, and tools associated with each job or occupation

Parallel Learning Outcomes

Attitude Outcomes:

– Value the importance of mastering a certain occupation or job

Skill Outcomes:

-Fulfill responsibilities faithfully

Knowledge Outcome:

-Identify some new letters


The Pre-Opener and the Opener

As a pre-opener, the facilitator asks: “What is your father’s, mother’s, or older sibling’s occupation?” And the children share information about the occupations they know.

Then, as an opener, the facilitator presented some pictures of different occupations and invited the learners to choose the occupation they would like to pursue in the future.


Implementing the Domains of FIRST-ADLX Framework

The domains of FIRST-ADLX Framework were implemented throughout the journey and in various activities, including the previously mentioned activities.

Focusing on Learner’s Behavior Domain

To apply this domain, we made sure to address each learner by his/her name and encouraged them to mention the occupation they prefer to pursue and the reason behind their choice. Then, the chosen occupation was given as a title and associated with the learner’s name. After being introduced to various occupations, learners were asked about the occupations that caught their attention and were provided with the opportunity to change their choice. The change of each learner’s title was done in a motivational and joyful manner.

Interacting within Positive Group Dynamics

While maintaining a positive and interactive spirit among the learners, the facilitator facilitated group work, and the learners learned about different jobs and occupations by assembling picture parts and discovering the workers or the employees.

Reviewing Activities within RAR Model

Readiness Increase

The facilitator displayed pictures of different occupations in front of the learners, and the learners were invited to silently read the images.

Activity Facilitation

The learners played a game, entitled “Ice Cream Vendor”, in order to recognize the pictures of different workers or employees.

Reviewing Actively

This was done by selecting an ice cream cone and discovering its counterpart from the pictures displayed on the board. Then, the learners were invited to name the cards and discuss what they need to do in order to practice these occupations in the future.

Sequencing Activities within Session Flow Domain

The learners moved smoothly between the activities. We started by inviting the learners to talk about their favorite occupation which allowed them to get introduced to a new letter. They played and engaged in activities that helped facilitate and reinforce their learning. Through game-based activities, the learners were able to assemble pictures of different occupations, recognize their names, the clothing they wear, the tools they use, and the activities they perform. These activities were enjoyable for the children and helped enrich their linguistic vocabulary with new terms.

Transforming Learning into Performance Domain

The children carried out a task that involved visiting a worker or an employee at his/her workplace, talking to a family member about their occupation, or even accompanying them and observing their activities. They then returned to share information about this occupation with their peers. They described what they saw and shared what they learned from the person they met. While some learners talked about their father’s, older sibling’s, or even a relative’s or neighbor’s occupation, some others talked about the occupation they are attracted to and told why they chose it.  Suheil, for instance, wanted to become a pilot, a captain,  or an astronaut. He wanted to control airplanes and ships.  Yasmin, on the other hand, wanted to become a teacher to teach children letters and numbers. As for Rasha, she wished to become a doctor and to treat sick children. This learner eXperience sparked the curiosity of the children and increased their enthusiasm for exploring other occupations in their surroundings and everyday life.


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