Applying FIRST-ADLX Framework in Rawafid School

Applying FIRST-ADLX Framework in Rawafid School

Rawafid school is one of those schools that is concerned in transforming the learning process into experiences gained by applying new ways of interaction between the two main members in this process: the student and the teacher.

Due to the professional development that we aim to apply on Rawafid’s teachers during every academic year, Sara Salla and Ola Al Kadry were the two facilitators who facilitated FIRST-ADLX Framework in 5 months among daily reflection and interaction with the teachers who were learners and at the same time facilitators to their students at class, which was the place were these teachers implemented FIRST-ADLX in every life session every day.

This Framework, that focuses on students’ active deep learning, incorporated many tasks. These tasks started at first with the training session on each Domain alone (represented by Sara and Ola), then the coaching process, where each coach has to enter the classes of the teachers he’s responsible to observe classes with, either to stay in his/ her class all the period or to do a learning walk only. Not to forget, the coach can ask another coach to visit the class with him. At the end of each domain, and before moving to the second one, the coach has to sit with the teachers he observed his/ her classes and reflect on what he saw or his partner when they entered the class. They had a list of behaviors that they look forward to observing in the class. At this same time, the teacher has to show her daily preparation of the lesson presented and reflect on how she applied and highlighted the domain concerned while presenting her lesson.

What was special about coaches was that the coach who observes classes, was not stable, I mean, he/ she has to enter new classes and has a new group of teachers to follow with on each domain. Besides, teachers had to have a pair visit to each other and reflect on the usage of FIRST-ADLX in class.

One of the success stories that were sensible and obtained after applying the framework, was reflected in one of the shy students who had bad behavior in his house. That boy was very shy, irresponsible, worried, and lonely. He didn’t use to participate with the teacher in class and didn’t use to have friends too. The teacher decided to cause a change on the behavior of that boy, so she started to cooperate with his parents and sending them messages on the importance of taking care of some main duties they should have toward their child. Then, she moved to the process of trying to get nearer that kid, getting more friendly with him, asking him to do some tasks for her inside the class and outside too. She started to walk with him during recess time and breaks. She used him while giving examples at class about those students that are very polite and smart. After that, she moved to the 2nd part of her concern which was that she planned to let that student cooperate with his classmates, taking into consideration using different grouping techniques so that the student will interact with different students. To end with, that boy’s behavior was changed, at class, outside class, and at home. The parents called to thank the teacher for her magical interaction with their kid.

The above condition reflects how teachers at Rawafid School were empowered by the framework to focus on the learner inside the classroom, outside class and of course outside school. They were concerned about the behavior of each learner. The teachers started to share their success stories among each other in the teachers’ room and on WhatsApp group. They changed their look toward learning. They became more positive and cooperative. They didn’t irritate to ask each other and learn from each other.

Applying FIRST-ADLX Framework at Rawafid was one of the success keys that made our staff unique. The culture of our school was united. All the teachers were using the same principles, thinking in the same way, I mean having the same mindset and can understand each other and the learners too. They were engaged to think positively on how they can collaborate to cause a change in the coming generation. FIRST-ADLX Framework honestly highlighted the path for the teachers and organized their background knowledge. It added to their package fruitful principles that can serve them in completing their message.

To end with, I, as a member of the staff at Rawafid, was amazed by the big change caused by FIRST-ADLX which took from us 5 months of effort but was enough to leave an impact on each and every member at Rawafid. It changed the culture of our school. It changed the mindset of the teachers. It attracted teachers not to forget how much it is essential to keep in mind that they have a hard job which interacts with each learner and respects him to deserve the name “Teacher”.


Ola Al Kadry

English Coordinator and Teacher in Rawafid School – Lebanon

Certified FIRSTedu-ADLX Facilitator

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