Learner eXperience is now the new wave in learning. FIRST-ADLX Designer program, which introduces SeGa Group Learner eXperience Design Model, targets L&D professionals who build capacity for the learning & development team in their organizations.

This will compliment the full Learner eXperience process and enhance learning transfer inside the organization.


FIRST-ADLX Designer program, introduces the FIRST ADLX design maps and toolbox, participants will be able to use the design thinking methodologies to design an Active Deep Learner eXperience. they will be able to embed parallel learning outcomes, that meet the organizational culture & competencies, within the learning journey. The program helps participants to go beyond the curriculum design and design the complete Active Deep Learner eXperience


FIRST-ADLX Designer program participants will design their learner eXperience in their workplace, which will empower the organization performers, help sustaining impact and reaching organizational performance objectives.

FIRST-ADLX Framework aims to leave a sustainable impact through transforming learning into performance.

FIRST-ADLX Designer is unique because
  • It is a full experience where participants live and feel the concepts of Learning eXperience.
  • Participants apply and learn by doing and receiving feedback during the whole journey.
  • Diversified activities that fit different learning styles and keep the learners engaged throughout the full days.
  • Learners are activated to participate in the experience including missions to do along the whole journey.
  • Learners experience missions and apply some of the concepts they understand during the journey.

  • The program is designed to guarantee using Active Deep Learner eXperience concepts through a lot of learning and reflective activities.
FIRST-ADLX Designer Learning Outcomes
  • Introducing the Learner eXperience cycle.
  • Introducing using LXD maps in eXperience design.
  • Recognizing how to design active deep learning program.
  • Using FIRST-ADLX Framework LXD Design Maps to design an Active Deep Learner eXperience through viewing each experience from 4 different views (Holistic View Map, Journey map, Trip Map and Adventure Map)
  • Choose experience description that leads to desired behavioral transformation.
  • Categorize transformed behaviors into direct, parallel learning and performance outcomes of both organization and learner.
Program Prerequisites

To make the best benefit out of the program, we recommend that participants who attend 

Should be working in the training field for at least 1 year.

Have attended basic courses in instructional design and have a real potential design project.

At SeGa Group, FIRST Learner eXperience Design Maps compile our experience in training and educate learners from different nationalities and contexts to design Active Deep Learner eXperience through viewing each experience from 4 views and aspects.
Holistic View Map

It is concerned with the context of learners and the outcomes of the design. In other words, what experience should the learners encounter in order to achieve desired outcomes? It considers who the learners are, how the design empathizes with them, and any other necessary actions.

Journey Map

It is concerned with the overall learner’s journey and takes into account all of the interactions and touch points with the learner. It also defines the learning outcomes for each phase—before, during, and after learning.

Trip Map

It is concerned with the genuine engagement of the learner. It provides sequencing for content and interaction, and considers the learners’ statuses during each activity. 

Adventure Map

It is concerned with mapping out individual learning activities. This map designs each activity as its own experience, and it monitors the status of the learner before and after each adventure (status-in/status-out), aligning each activity and status to the desired learning outcomes.

LXD was a transformational experience in my life, it gives me a deep understanding of active deep learner eXperience design based on comprehensive Framework that makes me enjoyed the designing process and increase the learning facilitation effectiveness
Mohamed Fayyad