Learner eXperience is the new global movement in the learning field, & for L&D professionals to be able to facilitate learner experiences they should live one first. 

FIRST-ADLX Facilitator program is an Active Deep Learning journey that introduces the new approach of FIRST Active Deep Learner eXperience Facilitation


FIRST-ADLX Facilitator journey, is built for L&D professionals who aim to work hard to leave a deep sustainable impact through learning and training. It aims to build learning organizations culture, targeting trainers, facilitators & educators, who take learning as a mission not just a career, qualifying them to use advanced new techniques, that when applied, increases their participants engagement & deep sustainable impact.


When FIRST-ADLX Facilitator program learner, facilitates a Learner eXperience Journeys applying FIRST-ADLX Framework in their workplace, it will empower the organization’s performers, help sustaining impact and reaching organizational performance objectives.

FIRST-ADLX Facilitator is unique because
  • It is a full experience where learners live and feel Active Deep Learner eXperience concepts.
  • Learners apply and learn by doing and receive feedback during the whole journey.
  • Application and practices to help the learning transfer.
  • Learners are activated to participate in the experience including missions to do along the whole journey.
  • Learners experience missions and apply some of the concepts they understand during the journey.
  • The program is designed to guarantee using Active Deep Learner eXperience concepts through a lot of learning and reflective activities.
FIRST-ADLX Facilitator Learning Outcomes
  • Adopt the mindset of the new era of learning.
  • Advocate the importance of being a learner-centric with special emphasis on learner’s attitude.
  • Immerse as a learner in an Active Deep Learner eXperience.
  • Endorse the importance of embedding parallel learning outcomes in the learner experience.
  • Commit to changing from being a traditional instructor to an Active Deep Learner eXperience facilitator.
  • Demonstrate the 15 principles of the FIRST Framework during sessions facilitations.
  • Integrate various types of Active Deep learning activities and strategies to achieve Active Deep Learner eXperience (ADLX).
  • Relate the five domains together and their synergistic impact on the Learner eXperience.
Program Prerequisites

To make the best benefit out of the program, we recommend that participants who attend 

Have a good presentation skills.

Passionate about learning and facilitation.

To have 3 years experience in facilitation.

FIRST-ADLX Facilitator In Numbers
Certified Facilitator
I used to attend and deliver workshops yearly, and I was to a certain extent satisfied. However, after I have been engaged in the program FIRST, which is one of a kind, my whole experience with workshops is different now and unique. The program has equipped me with principles that facilitate my impact as an educator. I have changed from being content-centric to a learner-centric in making sure that every single learner undergoes a unique active deep learning experience. What is remarkable about FIRST framework is the reflection on reality, where learners link the concepts to their previous experience and current reality, and apply the concepts in real life. Stepping out of the training room does not mean it's over, it is just the start of the mission to fulfill deep and sustainable impact

Hanan Shaker