Said About FIRSTedu-ADLX

Most teachers who attended FIRSTedu-ADLX have believed in their old and long teaching experiences; however, FIRST-ADLX Framework, from its first principle to its last one has added to their experiences and knowledge the importance of dealing with their learners as humans and not as automated machines; FIRST-ADLX Framework has truly impacted the targeted results and pushed those teachers to more realize that education has no end; that they keep learning as long as they are teaching. They touched the impact of eXperiencing a certain idea and reflecting it on their reality and how these last can help a learner acquire and learn for a longer period of time. They now believe in the power of individualization and positive spirit, and how they positively affect the learning process and believe in the safe environment, they leave around. They used to prepare but were not aware of the essentiality of readiness and reviewing actively and when learners need the power of linking and summarizing. Their lessons have become more sequenced, structured, and varied; away from repetition and boredom. Add to this, they have realized the effect and delight of social events when they trust their learners and leave them some space to search, communicate, scaffold, and learn. Most importantly, they have noticed the importance of time span and that their learners need to change their setup to stay motivated and linked to their lessons. Finally, my colleagues at Iman Schools have proved, especially in the current corona situation, that they have a high follow up to what their learners are doing with e-learning.

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