Episode 2: Transfering FIRSTedu-ADLX in Tanzania by Hamisi Togwa

Previously in Episode 1:

My name is Hamisi Ally Togwa and I am a Tanzanian FIRSTedu-ADLX Master Facilitator. Currently, I am the Headmaster of Ihsan Secondary School-Tanzania. Before March 2021, I was the Education Coordinator of the Direct Aid Society in Tanzania.

I was working to transfer the FIRSTedu-ADLX journey across more than 10 Tanzanian schools across the country. In the last episode, I presented my experience in transferring FIRSTedu-ADLX and I began with ALFAROUQ CENTRE.

In this Episode:

The next Training, I conducted in Tanga region where there are 4 schools that belonged to Direct Aid Society in Tanzania:

  • An-Noor center: (An-Noor English Medium Primary school & An-Noor Boys Islamic Seminary)
  • Alkheir center: Alkheir Girls Islamic Seminary.
  • Musab center: Musab English Medium Primary School. Firstly, I will present my facilitation in An-Noor center and its schools.
Tanga Reigion

Tanga Region

We started our facilitation in Tanga region at the An-Noor center. In the An-Noor center, the school’s 30 teachers participated in the learning journey; 18 of them are primary school teachers and 12 of them are secondary school teachers.

Group Discussion is going after the facilitation of metaphor called “Bottle and Cup” in An-Noor center

After finishing the facilitation in the An-Noor center, I prepared for the next journey with “Alkheir center – Alkheir Girls Islamic Seminary”.

Alkheir Girls Islamic Seminary

I decided that I can facilitate this learning journey for both “Alkheir center – Alkheir Girls Islamic Seminary” and “Musab center – Musab English Medium Primary School” at the same time; In Alkheir center, the participant numbers were 36 teachers in the learning journey; 20 of them are primary school teachers and 16 of them are secondary school teachers.

Musab English Medium Primary School.


In this learning journey, I would like to share some of the learning activities we experienced throughout the journey.

Journaling Activity: teachers share some of their insights, reflections, and what they have learned during the learning journey. So the next 3 videos are about sharing some teachers’ journaling.




Linking & Summarizing: in this video, teachers summarized FIRST-ADLX Framework’s five domains and their principles through Drama. It was truly very inspirational and funny.


Then, teachers would summarize FIRST-ADLX Framework’s five domains and their principles through Drawing. It was really creative and effective for the teachers.


here teachers Summarized the FIRST-ADLX Framework’s five domains and their principles through a poem in the Swahili language.


There was a presentation about the T-domain (Transforming Learning into Performance)


At the closure, there was a special activity called “traffic light” that the teacher should think about what they are going to do regarding his/her behaviours “stop, continue and start” after participating in this learning journey. the teachers took some minutes to think about this important question and in the next 3 videos, they shared their self-insights and reflections.




At the end of the learning journey, there was a small celebration ceremony, everyone was very happy and motivated.  Also, a special cake was prepared for the celebration ceremony.


The following video shows the guest of honour addressing the participants during the last session.

And In this part, my journey at Tanga region has finished and this is the end of episode 2 of my case study. please wait for the next episodes.
Written by:
Mr. Hamisi Ally Togwa
Headmaster of Ihsan Secondary School-Tanzania
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    July 29, 2021, 5:40 pm

    Still I triying to apply your I dears in first Edu. I can teach at any time since i can make my class very active hence pupils enjoying my lesson.

    May allah protect u and blessed u.

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