Episode 3: Transfering FIRSTedu-ADLX in Tanzania by Hamisi Togwa

Previously in Episode 2:

I transferred FIRSTedu-ADLX in the Tanga region where 4 schools belonged to the Direct Aid Society in Tanzania:

  • An-Noor center: (An-Noor English Medium Primary school & An-Noor Boys Islamic Seminary)
  • Alkheir center: Alkheir Girls Islamic Seminary.
  • Musab center: Musab English Medium Primary School.
Tanga Reigion

Tanga Region

In this Episode:

After the Tanga region, my next destination was the Singida region in the central part of Tanzania. In this region, we visited one primary SCHOOL which belongs to the Direct Aid Society. This school is called ARAFAH ENGLISH MEDIUM PRIMARY SCHOOL.


Singida Region

13 Teachers participated in the learning journey. The school was still new. I lived a great experience with the teachers.

And the following videos show some activities that happened in the learning journey.

We had an energizer to motivate the participants and helped them to have a positive learner experience.

Then, the teachers started micro-facilitation and worked on applying the domains and principles of the FIRST-ADLX Framework.


In this next video, the teachers were sharing what they liked and what they expected on day two.

During the journaling session

In the next video, we had an educational game.

And in this part, my journey to the Singida region had finished and this is the end of episode 3 of my case study. Please wait for the next episodes.
Written by:
Mr. Hamisi Ally Togwa
Headmaster of Ihsan Secondary School-Tanzania
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