Episode 5: Transfering FIRSTedu-ADLX in Tanzania by Hamisi Togwa

Previously in Episode 4:

We had an interesting journey in the Kilimanjaro region. We had a great experience at ALHUDA ISLAMIC CENTER belonged to Direct Aid Society, The center consists of two schools named ALHUDA ENGLISH MEDIUM PRIMARY SCHOOL and KALOLENI GIRLS ISLAMIC SECONDARY SCHOOL.

The kilimanjaro reigion map

In this Episode:

I had an amazing experience in Zanzibar by transferring FIRSTedu-ADLX Framework to AL-IHSAN GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL. This school is owned by the Direct Aid Society. The learning journey was four days long and it was very exciting and cheerful.

Zanzibar island – Tanzania


The learning journey started with an opening ceremony with an opening speech by the WEST URBAN-ZANZIBAR DISTRICT EDUCATION OFFICER.

Then I have introduced myself and start Day one with a pre-opener named “EMOTION CHECK IN” in which the teacher writes his/her current emotion during the session.

Also, there were several micro-facilitation sessions that the teacher tries to practice facilitation using FIRST-ADLX domains & principles.

There was an interesting energizer activity facilitated by a teacher to motivate and energize them to the next activities.



In the next video, there was a linking and summarizing activity where the teachers try to list and summarize what they have learned in this session until this moment.

Also, during the linking and summarizing activity, there was an activity called “Positive SMS” which aims to let the teachers sending small messages to anyone in the training room regarding the training day.

In the next video, there was a teacher which shares her self-reflection on what she feels, thinks, or understands after her practicing in the micro-facilitation session.



We had a very inspiring activity called “GROUP DESIGN OF LEARNING OUTCOMES BASED on ASK; Attitude, Skills, Knowledge” in which the teachers were designing learning outcomes of a session together based on ASK; Attitude, Skills, Knowledge.


Finally, There was a journaling session where the teacher writes all what he/she feels, thought or understand in the learning session during the learning journey and in the next video, a teacher shares her journaling.


At the end of episode 5 of my case study. Please wait for the next episodes.
Written by:
Mr. Hamisi Ally Togwa
Headmaster of Ihsan Secondary School-Tanzania
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