Episode 6: Transfering FIRSTedu-ADLX in Tanzania by Hamisi Togwa

Previously in Episode 5:

I had an amazing experience in Zanzibar by transferring FIRSTedu-ADLX Framework to AL-IHSAN GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL. This school is owned by the Direct Aid Society. The learning journey was four days long and it was very exciting and cheerful.

Zanzibar island – Tanzania

In this Episode:

In today’s episode, I would like to present my story of transferring FIRST-ADLX in the Mtwara Region, Tanzania. This journey was conducted in “AlSAFA ISLAMIC SEMINARY” which belongs to the Direct Aid society. The training also consists of other schools which are “MIKINDANI ISLAMIC SECONDARY SCHOOL”  and “OCEAN SECONDARY SCHOOL”.

The whole number of teachers who attended this learning journey was about 36 teachers.


The Mtwara Region


The training started with a keynote address by the guest of honor in the opening ceremony.

In addition to, an opening speech by the Mtwara Municipal education officer as a chief guest of the training.

Then, we started our training by an “Emotion check-in” as the pre-opener on the 1st day of the learning journey.


The opener was an important activity called: “ON THE STAGE ACTIVITY” where the teacher will talk for one minute about any topic he/she wants and change his/her way of delivery from pushing to pulling to know more the difference between “pulling vs. pushing” techniques.

Then, I have talked about some guidelines for the training to create a safe environment for the teachers to learn.


Microfacilitation activity as a core activity where the teachers learn about a domain of FIRST-ADLX Framework, which consists of five domains (Focusing on Learner behavior, Interacting within positive group dynamics, Reviewing activities within RAR, Sequencing within session flow,  Transforming learning into performance), then the teacher facilitates 5 mins. session to practice what he/she learns in FIRST-ADLX and receives feedback from his/her colleagues.


Then, there was a presentation on designing learning outcomes based on ASK.



Energizers, There was an interesting energizer facilitated by a volunteer. it gives the room a sense of humor and motivation.


Also, there was a micro-facilitation activity to practice R- Domain (Reviewing activities within RAR) of FIRST-ADLX Framework


In the next video, there was a linking and summarizing activity presenting the first 4 domains of FIRST-ADLX Framework (Focusing on Learner behavior, Interacting within positive group dynamics, Reviewing activities within RAR, Sequencing within session flow) through Drama.


And there was a self-reflection sharing about what we have learned and what we are going to do next during my journey as a teacher.


The closure contains also an evaluation of the learning journey. what went well? what can be improved? and what are the key learnings of this journey?

The traffic light activity: an activity where the teachers share:

  • What they are going to stop doing during facilitation? (Red sign)
  • What they are going to continue doing during facilitation? (Yellow sign)
  • What they are going to start doing after this journey? (Green sign)


Also, I needed to give some general statements about the journey and the facilitation during the closure of the journey.


In the celebration, There was a Keynote address from the head of the school during the celebration.

During the great celebration, we were sharing a very good cake and celebrating the end of the learning journey.


At the end of episode 6 of my case study. Please wait for the next episodes.
Written by:
Mr. Hamisi Ally Togwa
Headmaster of Ihsan Secondary School-Tanzania
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