Short case study on applying FIRST-ADLX from Lebanon

“Students do not need a perfect teacher to teach them. They need a teacher who gets them excited about learning. A teacher who smiles and makes coming to school enjoyable”

Recently I started teaching two new classes in (Rawafid School).

When I first walked into the class, all the students started clapping and had a request.

Students:  “Don’t start the period by saying, “Open your books page…”

Teacher Sara: “Put the books away. I don’t need them now. I would like to know each one of you. Also, it would be great If we could have a little agreement all together.”

We started to build our little agreement, I suggested that they speak without asking for permission. “We are just chatting. “One girl said from the front row. I repeated her words with a smile. Some points in our written agreement were :

1. We deserve to have breaks and enjoy educational games.

2. Support us if at any time the administration punishes us.

3. Don’t throw a lot of homework and assignments at us.

4. Consider our needs and questions.

5. Repeat in different ways and methods.

6. Embed projects related to our everyday life and interests.

7. Speak English.

8. Treat us equally.

9. Try your best in class and at home.

10. Listen to each other.


After writing our agreement, we added our signatures. Every time I would form my sentences using their answers, they would smile. Every time I’d say:” Tell me more.” or ask them: “How does that make you feel?” they would get even more engaged.


I realized that they all asked for their rights and needs, and nothing more. They have the right to be heard and noticed. It’s their right to learn the way they prefer. No one can take away their right to be accepted and loved for all they can do and cannot do…

Then I asked a volunteer to facilitate an educational game (responding to one of their requests) before we start with run-on sentences in their books.

Ahmad an active boy volunteered. He gave us instructions and we happily followed his instructions. While applying reviewing actively, we came across a lot of lessons:

Trust and honesty are very important in a relationship.

Simple instructions are the base of any activity or event.

My students were willing to open their grammar books and in pairs, they identified run-on sentences and fixed them.

Our first day was a success and every minute was full of reflections and learning.


To SeGa I would like to say: “FIRST-ADLX Framework is a common need for every learner. I couldn’t have facilitated these sessions without the 15 principles. Thank you SeGa for all the active deep Learner experiences.

To Rawafid administrators, I am grateful for all the support and guidance you have showered on the staff and me.

Last but not least to my students I say: “Today, tomorrow and always I will always have your side and together we will learn, make mistakes and reflect”

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