Short case study on applying FIRST-ADLX from Lebanon

I am Zainab Abu Mrad from Lebanon, West Beqaa, from a village called Rafid. I have a diploma in teaching English as a Second Language, and I have a Teaching Diploma in Education. I am an English teacher at Rawafid school. I have three years of experience in teaching cycles one, two, and ESL. My primary purpose in teaching is to make the students effective and productive members of the community. I believe that the teachers are responsible for building a sophisticated society or a worse one. I work hard to help my students to gain the needed skills that help them gain a social place and to make a difference! Each child needs education just as a plant needs water. I was fortunate to be one of the trained members who had the chance to use and apply FIRST-ADLX Framework in their classrooms. I had an excellent opportunity to learn new aspects that facilitated the learning process and the teaching process, as well FIRST-ADLX Framework and its principles provided me as a teacher with effective tools, mindset, and skills that allowed me to treat my little pupils as the essential ingredients in the educational process; as much as the teacher gives from the bottom of the heart, the students will be more able to improve, develop and succeed. The English Language is a universal language; it is useful everywhere. Based on the importance and usefulness of this language, I should teach my students using meaningful, valuable, helpful, and valuable ways. FIRST is an applicable framework that changes the learning process from rote to a meaningful one, especially nowadays, in the new era of education. Applying this framework in the classroom equipped my students with the needed techniques to experience what they are learning. The learning process is enriched with FIRST principles. I can notice that the students are becoming more motivated while applying the principles because the topics I am teaching are becoming more authentic. Students are becoming more involved and trusted; they are not treated as brains to be filled with knowledge and facts. The safe environment also helped the students to become more engaged. The students understand the topics easily, using the topics outside the classroom, and sharing their precious experiences comfortably. Moreover, this framework is a useful reference for me to use in order to nourish and refresh the techniques of engaging the students in the learning process. It makes me always ready and fully equipped to motivate the students and enhance their interest to continue and learn more. Students are more willing to work and learn. After applying the principles, the students were fully involved. They learned the topics better; they had an active role in a safe environment, not the only recipient. The eight golden precious steps that the framework provided me with that are applied successfully in my classroom are (The students are involved in implementing these steps/ The teacher is a facilitator) Teaching useful topics related to students’ real life. Providing students with tasks that are suitable for their abilities. The lesson is divided into short, exciting chunks. Creating a variety of activities that meet different levels is a must. A mixture of declarative and procedural knowledge is being applied. Attaching real-life meanings, relating various topics to each other, using elaboration and organization. The students are involving classroom dialogues because they are being trusted, They are working with authentic activities. After attending FIRST-ADLX Framework workshops, I realized the importance of avoiding expectations and attributions in the classroom. Students are becoming more responsible, appreciated, in control, and an essential part of the learning process. The students mentioned that “Finally, we got rid of monotonous explanations!” The different useful principles helped me to show my students the value, importance, and the utility of the topics. In my opinion, the teaching journey is endless. When the teacher loves what she is doing and gives from her heart, the learners will be active, ready, energetic, willing, and able to learn. “A students’ learning journey is like a piece of paper on which every teacher leaves a mark.” Although teaching isn’t an easy task, it is a pleasurable one, especially when I am using precious principles designed in the well-organized framework. The laws are many, but the purpose is one “Having active deep learner experiences to reach autonomy. To my English coordinator and trainer, Ola Kadri, and Rawafid administrators, I am thankful for all the guidance you are providing me with.

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